Syncing Your Tasks with fruux and Tasks

Recently I came across Tasks, an Android app that lets you manage tasks (ta-da!). While I’ve been using the app to write down simple tasks, I’ve always wished that the tasks could be synced. Thus I was quite surprised when I learned that the app is compatible with CalDAV servers and thus allows you to sync your tasks with any service that uses CalDav, an open standard that provides client access to schedule information on a remote server. Although CalDav is mainly used to synchronize calendars, the protocol also includes a specification for to-do lists entries.

For its part, Tasks allows you to synchronize your to-do lists entries with a variety of proprietary or open source calendar servers. Among these third-party services is fruux which provides synchronization of your contacts, calendars and tasks across devices. As of now, I’m using fruux’s Basic plan, which is free and offers unlimited contacts, calendars and tasks and synchronization with up to 2 devices. fruux has its own Android app, which albeit simple, I’ve found it to be quite cumbersome which is the reason I decided to use Tasks instead. The process to set up a fruux account with Tasks is quite simple. This is how I did it:

1) Sign in to your fruux account. Now you must go to the Sync section and add a new device. By default there’s a no name device that I think it’s created when you first use any of the fruux apps. However, this device might not be useful to sync anything since it has no custom password.

2) After adding the device, a username and a password will be automatically generated which we’ll use to add our account in Tasks. It’s worth mentioning that the password is soon forgotten by fruux servers so keep it at hand until you’ve set up the account.

3) In the Tasks app, go to Settings » Synchronization » Add account. Once there you must enter a name, a url and the username-password pair which was generated for us when a new device was added to the fruux account. The url part was quite tricky for me since I thought entering would do the job. Instead you must use as the base url.

4) If you entered everything currently, your fruux account’s tasks lists should now be showing in the Task app.

Should you need additional information, the following links might be of help:

Alright… see ya!

Posted: Mar 30, 2019.
Tags: tasks, fruxx, CalDav