Another Perl 6 Logo Again

Over the years, some people[1][2] in the Perl community have taken a chance at creating alternative logos for Perl 6 and as it stands, I have taken mine as well with a more simplistic and professional-looking plain approach.

I’ve tried to keep the theme around butterflies and this logo is more of a tribute to Camilia (which I quite like alot, though it seems to be an acquired taste!) than anything else. It’s just a simple concept!

All the logos are almost the same with one slight variation. In one of the designs, the logo’s central core is just a plain hexagon. In the other, it’s still a hexagon but it also resembles a cube (which I think it looks cool!). I’ve kept the thematic around the number 6, being that one of the reasons why I chose the hexagon as the basis for the logo. In this new form, Camilia still has eyes, though they are of the floating kind!



The same logo variations as before but with one of the alternative names for Perl 6: 6slang. It’s pronounced slang.

6lang-logo1 6lang-logo2

The two logo variations seem to look great in black and white (6slang version).

6lang-bw-logo1 6lang-bw-logo2

I also created some badge stickers (i.e. Gnu/Linux badge stickers) with the logo variations: 6lang-sticker perl6-sticker

The logos were created using Inkscape 0.92.

This post was originally posted on Saturday 10 February 2018.

Posted: May 26, 2018.
Tags: perl6, logo